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Pool Safety


Do I need a lifeguard?

Every pool operator will need to determine whether they are required to provide constant poolside supervision at certain times whilst their pool is in use. In this article, we look at the factors which need to be considered to answer this question. 

Lifeguard numbers

If you have determined you need to provide constant poolside supervision, you know you need to provide lifeguards during opening hours. In this article, we look at how UK industry guidance can help you determine how many lifeguards are needed to supervise the pool

Lifeguard Zone Visibility Test

A lifeguard zone visibility test assesses visibility from a defined location on the pool surround. In this article, we explore how the guidance defines an LZVT and when one is required in a UK swimming pool

Maximum pool occupancy

How many people you can safely accommodate in your swimming pool involves consideration of environmental, activity and personnel factors. In this article, we explore how you make that calculation in accordance with UK industry guidance

Lifeguard ratio

You know you need lifeguards and you've calculated your maximum occupancy, but how many people can a lifeguard safely supervise? In this article, we explore how you calculate a safe lifeguard to pool user ratio using the UK industry guidance to take into account environmental, activity and personnel factors 

Third-party hirers

A great source of revenue for swimming pools is to let the pool to third parties, but what needs to be put in place to do this safely and effectively? In this article, we look at what to put in place to ensure a safe and effective session

Content of a pool plan

Every pool should have a plan setting out the water depth, lifeguard positions, location of key signage, and the dimensions of the swimming pool as part of their Normal Operating Plan. In this article, we look at how to put your pool plan together to include the key information

Normal Operating Procedure

What should be considered in a Normal Operating Plan? In this article, we consider the UK and international guidance on what should be included within a NOP

Emergency Action Plan

What should be considered in an Emergency Action Plan? In this article, we consider the UK and international guidance on what should be included within an EAP

Drowning in pools

How do people drown in swimming pools? This article looks at the 15 drowning risk factors that can lead to a drowning in a swimming pool

Young persons

A young person's risk assessment is for anyone at work between the school leaving age of 16 and 18. In this article, we explore how that applies to lifeguards at your site

A short guide to hazards in water

Is drowning a hazard? Is the water the hazard? Or is it water depth which is a hazard? In this article, we explore hazards in and around water

How to implement risk assessments

Implementation of your risk assessment is a continuation of the consultation and participation your team has had in putting the risk assessment together. Now it is time to go live with those improvements

How do I know if my risk assessment is suitable and sufficient? 

Some might say this is the million-dollar question for risk assessors. In this article, we explore what the court's have said about suitable and sufficient and practical steps you can take to make it more likely your risk assessment meets this test

How to prepare to review your risk assessments

Annual reviews of risk assessments are often rushed, unresourced and inadequate. Ensure your review process is transparent, risk-based, and leads to tangible improvement to the safety of your site with our pre-review suggestions

When do I need to write a system of work?

A system of work is a specified way of doing things and is used in situations where there are multiple ways to complete a task, and there is a need to prescribe which is the safest way

What aquatic safety qualifications are available?

This article provides an index of aquatic safety qualifications that are available in the UK to support the development and demonstration of competency by your staff 

A guide to UK Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

This article provides an overview of the key OHS legislation applying to aquatic activities and venues in the UK